About | Social Support Exclusively for College Students

ePEERS is a social network created exclusively for college students.

College students often deal with difficult issues on their own because they don’t know where to turn for constructive advice. ePEERS is a social network created exclusively for college students. Unlike other social platforms, this restricted site allows you to create a safe, judgment-free atmosphere for yourself and others.

ePEERS was initially funded by non-profit organizations and is free for students. It was founded on the principle that whatever you’re facing or trying to accomplish, someone else probably has firsthand knowledge that can help. Academics. Anxiety. Illness. Depression. Sports. Faith. Whatever is important to you. Through ePEERS, you and your fellow students can seek and give advice, share past experiences and gain friendship. You can even ask questions and post anonymously any time you choose.

How it Works

Sign up with your .edu email. Then start making friends from your school and across the country. From there, it’s up to you. Join groups. Share stuff you like. Ask questions. Sell things you don’t need. And much more.

Dealing with a sensitive subject? Just click the “post as anonymous” button and you can ask for advice or share without being identified.

Is My Information Private?

Absolutely. ePEERS account activity is not monitored by ePEERS, schools or any other third-parties. ePEERS respects the right of adult students to communicate appropriately and be accountable for their behavior.  No information on ePEERS is provided or sold to any third-party.

However, students do have the ability to report concerns to ePEERS and are encouraged to do so. Inappropriate comments, etc. reported to ePEERS may be shared with the school of the offending student, and that school may choose to take appropriate action. Any student's ePEERS account can be terminated by ePEERS based on proof of inappropriate comments/behavior, as outlined in Terms and Conditions.

Who Can Join?

ePEERS is only for undergraduate students currently enrolled in a college or university. A student is eligible to join ePEERS once they have legally graduated from high school, have been admitted to an accredited college and have received a collegiate .edu email address.